The End Is Near

Well guys, it’s official as of today. I’ll be moving to California in March.

I’m still not really sure what to think. I like MA a lot – not just the fishing, but the great people I’ve met. It’s gonna be sad. I’ve been in MA for a total of about 20 years now, but a new chapter will be unfolding shortly. Fortunately, I lived all over the US after I graduated college (I’ve been to all 50, and lived (for at least 3 months) in 22), so I do know people in the area I’ll be heading too. And yes, there is good fishing close by!

I’ll be moving between Fresco and Santa Barbara. Was in the area on my vacation out there, and caught some carp, bass, pike, and yes, good ol’ trout! I am excited for the opportunity to fish for new species, particularly golden trout.

Of course, if I’m in CA, I won’t be fishing in MA, and won’t be able to post reports and such here. So I guess this blog is coming to its end. If anyone wants it, I can certainly hand over the reigns (I can add anyone to be able to edit it, as long as you have a gmail). Shoot me an email at te*********@gm***.com.

Well, I’ll see what the future holds. Thanks for reading the blog so far.



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5 thoughts on “The End Is Near

  1. Sucks that you have to leave, but I wish you luck in your endeavors in California. You are well traveled, so I'm sure you will be fine. Glad to see there is some good fishing where you will be heading, and if you want to continue the blog with some California posts, I would love to read about them. I enjoyed reading this blog and appreciate all of your posts and river information. Thanks and good luck!

  2. Sorry to hear this. I haven't been on your blog long, but have appreciated the viewpoints of those here. Thanks for all your info and thoughts and best of luck in Santa Barbara – talk about the opposite end of earth from MA (physically and psychologically).


  3. Thanks guys! I appreciate it and am glad you found some use out of the blog. RI Brook Trout, I may post occasionally about the rivers bout there, but first I've got to find out where the good fishing is myself!

    Thanks again guys for commenting, I enjoyed the discussions and everything! And sorry it took so long to respond, for some reason I was never notified of these comments.


  4. Note to those who read the blog… It likely will not be ending. Someone has agreed to become a contributor who can provide reports and such, and I will still post about the occasional stream that I used to fish or a fly tying recipe or something like that. More on this later this week, check back at some point!


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