Swift, Nissitissit, and Squannacook: Any News?

Wondering if anyone knows if the warm weather this week has de-iced the Nissitissit and Squannacook?  And, has anyone seen trout at the Swift?

A bit ago, before the warm weather hit, I embarked on a scouting drive and went to various parts of the Nissi and Squanna. The roads down to the woodsy access areas weren’t plowed.

So, I went to some spots near some of the bridges. As you can see, nearly all of the water was still iced up.

But, hope was in the air for me. I saw two BWOs hatch and flutter up, and there was this little guy crawling in the snow. A stone fly?

A few weeks ago, I went to the Swift and didn’t see any fish, including the Y-Pool. A week later, another angler spotted the remains of a sucker on the ice near the pool and attributed it to an otter.

So, any news?


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7 thoughts on “Swift, Nissitissit, and Squannacook: Any News?

  1. All due respect, but I feel like this blog has been a bit overwhelmed lately. I think got more out of it when it was 3 or 4 posts a week, almost all of which were MA related.

    This post was good, and hopefully there will be more like bit in the future. But right now, I think a post or two a day is just too much. I get that it is winter, and fishing is rarer than usual, but if I'm looking for general information there are tons of other blogs. The Miller's River Fly Fishing Forum is a prime example of an ideal local blog, with a couple well placed posts a week, almost all specific to MA.

    Please don't take this the wrong way, I am just trying to offer a little perspective from a long time reader. Again, there is no reason for you to take it, but I feel like many readers would agree that while the posts are quality now, we could use less quantity, and just focus more on MA.


  2. Scott, thanks for the note. It is interesting that you cite other people, as the early feedback I've received thus far has been very positive. Almost an email a day, if not a few, since starting as a contributor on Sunday. I will connect with Troy to discuss.

    In general, my view is people are free to consume whatever content they want and wherever they want. I don't know of one blog that appeals to everyone all the time, and my personal goal is not to get as many readers as possible, just the ones where we fit. Just note that Troy and I work on this blog in our free time, and we are not guides looking for leads, nor are we associated with many manufacturer.

    Also, thanks for leaving your first name but you didn't leave your email with the comment or your last name. That would have been helpful as I would have contacted you directly to have an offline discussion about this.

    Thanks for writing. And, if there's a topic about which you are passionate and want to write, we are always looking for guest posts.

    1. Good to hear from you, Scott! Glad you are doing well.

      You pretty much hit it right – we can't do all MA topics when with bad MA weather for fishing, but there will definitely be more when spring arrives! Until the, just don't read what doesn't interest you. I plan on getting back on board with some posts about Northeast rivers soon, but after I arrive in CA. I'm actually waiting for a plane as I type!

      As far as comments, yes, anonymous will once again be an option for commenting. I agree, it is much faster to use anonymous if you aren't signed in, and as you called me out, I often use it myself. I have had the same thing happen to me before, and it's a pain. In fact, the reason this didn't originally post was because I had to dig your comment out of a spam folder. Not sure how that happened!

      Hit us up with any reports! I know you get out a lot!


    2. Jo, Thanks for not taking this the wrong way. I don't doubt that you have been receiving positive feedback, I just think the posts are coming bit to quickly.

      I guess the reason I feel this way is because I am from the northeast part of MA, and Troy used to to this with the small streams and rivers up here. Obviously, depending on where you are in the state, and with Troy in CA, this is likely impossible.

      A far as the account, anonymous is simply faster for posting, if you're not signed in. In fact, because that option was deleted, I had a much longer and more detailed version of this post deleted. I saw there was no anonymous option, and signed in to my account, only to find my whole message was gone. So sorry that this one is short, I don't have the patience to type another long message. Troy has my email, I know him, and have sent him reports before. I have actually fished with him before as well. But if you need to reach me, I can be found at scottys6655 at gmail.

      Now I was certainly not trying to knock your posts, many have been very informative. I especially liked the guest report about the Nashua. I just think you should ease up on the posts per day, and when we get better weather (not a ton to write about know) start focusing purely on reports.

      I doubt anything will change because of these comments, I wouldn't change anything either if you were getting positive feedback. But when we get better weather, I think just focusing on reports is the best way to inform MA anglers. Or posts just about MA rivers.

      The one thing I ask that you change is bringing back anonymous comments. I assume it was deleted after my last comment, but it is just so much faster if you are not signed in. Even Troy uses anonymous comments on various blogs every now and then.

      I'll be sure to send you and reports if I make it out.


    3. Scott, all great points: 1. I will lower the volume, 2. We'd love more reports on the rivers and cannot do them ourselves–so, your posts would be great, 3. Good point on the speed of anonymous posts.

      I do respectfully disagree on the following though:

      1. I do think there are some non-local topics worthy of attention; e.g., Colie is thinking of writing about Internet resources, which I'm pretty sure people will find of value. I'm going to continue to write about some non-Mass. topics. Readers are welcome to read them or not. This blog is like a newspaper: people don't have to read it or read every post. Plus, this is an all-volunteer resource–it's free.

      2. I think it is pretty tough to duplicate a guide’s blog. He is on the water it seems, almost every day or every other day. He runs a guide business. Troy and I are just regular dudes.

      So, the answer to that? Fishing reports from the readers. Troy has adroitly put out such a "call to action" on the upper right of the blog. I really liked what he did. We're not asking for secret spots, but we want to help the fly fishing community.

      The fact is this: fly fishing is in decline in terms of numbers of anglers. That doesn't bode well for the industry and our ability to influence legislation and clean-water initiatives. It's one reason I'm spending part of my free time on this blog: we need to up the numbers.

      Tight lines, Scott, and thank you again for writing.

  3. Those are all good points, Jo. I suppose Ken does have an advantage of being on the water pretty much every day. I'll do what I can to send in reports, because I understand you guys are regular dudes.

    Also, I do see the benefit of non-Mass topics. One of my favorite posts this blog had was one Troy wrote a while back, about the importance having connections in the fly fishing world, to know what's going on. Funny, when people start sending in reports, this blog will become a great source of connections for them!

    I'm sure you will be getting more reports when the snow is all gone. I will certainly be sending in a few.

    Thanks for making my life easier with the anonymous commenting!


    Also, good to hear from you, Troy! Haven't talked to you in a while!

  4. Awesome! Looking forward to those reports.

    Here's what I'm finding: the more I know about fly fishing, the more I realize I don't know. I learn so much from chatting with other anglers. We all can really help each other out, and I've met so many great guys through fly fishing. It's a great community, and I really want to make it stronger in Massachusetts.

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