Fishing Reports from ‘On The Water’

I’m sure many of you have flipped through copies of On The Water magazine. I used to subscribe for many years and really enjoyed it.

Well, you now can sign up for a weekly Massachusetts fishing report (more here). In today’s version, they also mention specifically the Charles River as a good spot. Perhaps, they read Troy’s post from yesterday?

Weather forecast for tomorrow, Saturday, is for a high of 46 degrees. Hope you get a chance to get out and fish. And, if you do, please email us a pic or two? And, if you have time, a quick fishing report would be awesome.

Tight lines for all!


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2 thoughts on “Fishing Reports from ‘On The Water’

  1. I'll be out there.

    According to the NWS, the Pioneer Valley has the least snow in the state at the moment:

    I'm trying to decide whether to head out there and check out some small streams I haven't visited in a while, or to stick with one of my trusted Central MA spots.

    Regardless of where I go, I'm liking the forecast for overcast skies. With no leaves on the trees you end up with a lot of shadows on the water.

    Will you be fishing this weekend?

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