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Alright, I’m finally in CA! Beautiful weather in the 70’s all week (sorry New Englanders!), and great scenery. I’ve even got a chance to look around bit as far as local fly shops go, and started getting some good tips on where I should start “slinging bugs”. I’m not really familiar with the trout water around here, but I know that the carp in the local park ponds will keep me busy until I find some! (Carp are the most underrated species by the way, even in MA – but that will be another post!)

So my absence from posting should be over now, as I am all settled down. A big thanks to Jo for all the quality posts these last weeks, with me unable to contribute at all – let me tell you, it’s a lot harder than it seems to come up with a meaningful and informative post every day, and that’s what he’s done. Also a thanks to Colie Egertson for contributing the great guest posts, and all the loyal readers who read and/or comment on every post!

Alright, so now lets talk fishing! Well, from all my sources, the fishing’s been sucking lately. Not a whole lot you can do when it gets to the point where rivers are frozen over. But kudos to the guys who are still catching fish, and yes, there are some who are. As Jo has mentioned in previous posts, check out your local small brooks, as they should be moving well now.

Another option, if it’s not below you, is to try some less-than-ideal water. I’m not talking trout streams here, but instead  that small, disgusting ditch flowing by your local grocery store. No, not beautiful scenery, and no, you won’t be finding trout (well, actually you could!), but you should be able to get a bent rod, because most are open water now. I’m not above fly fishing for bass and sunfish, so on one of my last days here in MA, I swung by a puddle (for lack of a better word) flowing from the Charles River. Yes, it was gross water, and not great scenery, but I hadn’t caught a fly rod fish in so long, that it felt good. I caught well over three dozen small bass and sunfish from a thirty yard stretch of ditch in an hour. It was actually quite fun! You can find this type of water coming off the Charles and Mystic Rivers.

But if you’re talking trout, stick to your small streams. They should be producing. The Swift is supposedly void of trout at the moment (very weird), but don’t take any flowing water for granted. Who knows how long it will be before everything is back to normal? And at some point there likely will be runoff, which likely will dye the water a murky color for a bit.

Happy fishing, and enjoy the weather! I know I will be!!



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