Where I’ve Been

Okay, sorry for not writing in 10 days. Truth be told, I was away for a while. New Mexico, Southern California and Nevada to be exact. And for the other 2 days, well, I just couldn’t think of anything to right about. Not a lot of fly fishing going on, and that probably won’t change until March or April.

It was great being out west – warm weather, relaxing, and of course a little fishing. I caught a few bass, some sunfish, and even threw some flies at a couple of big grass carp (at least that’s what they looked like), but didn’t land one. Wow, those grass carp are pickier than Swift River ‘bows! Now I wan’t to catch one of them!

My vise is broken, something about the clamp in’t working. But the good people at Peak Fly Tying should be able to replace it, since it falls under the warranty. I was gonna send it in, but I decided to wait till I got back from NV.

I looked into my crystal ball to get a peak into my future, and I saw no fly fishing coming up. The conditions are slow, and now that we have snow, I’ll probably just sit inside and stay warm.

And one more thing, there is a chance I will be moving out of the state for work purposes this upcoming year . That would be sad, I’ve enjoyed living here in MA, but I’ve lived in many places, and I’m used to these sort of things. I’ll keep you guys in the loop.

Go Pats!


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