A Little Fishing and Some Other News

Still not much fishing getting done with the cold weather, but upon advice for one of my readers, Scott, I drove up to NH and gave the lamprey a shot. It was tough fishing for sure, but not completely miserable. I managed one wee little stocked rainbow trout, no more than 9 or 10 inches on a woolly bugger, after about two hours of fishing. Scott said that he had landed a few late last week.

Now I know I said I’d do some fly tying posts, but I ran into a few issues on my fly tying table. My vise seems to have some problems – I’m not exactly sure what is wrong, but it won’t hold hooks tightly enough. Anyways, I’ll have a closer look at it tomorrow, and I’ll have some sort of fly tying posts in the future.

A few side notes of things coming up around the state…

Marlborough Show – This is a cool event for anyone into fly fishing. All sorts of goods stuff here, so check it out this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

F3T – Mark your calendars, because the fly fishing film tour is coming to MA! This isn’t for a while, but I know some people will want to see it. Keep an eye out for Montana Wild Outdoors’ film Bucknasty Browns. There are two locations in MA.


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