Lets Get Started- A Rivers Report

So although I fish all over the place, I live in Northeastern Mass, and over the last 5 or 6 years, I have explored many of the rivers around here.  So for all the fly fishers who live in Eastern Mass, hopefully you’ll learn of a few good rivers, closer to home.

First, I hit the Parker last Sunday, to fish for some big holdover trout.  In my opinion, the Parker is the most underrated trout river in MA.  It is very long, has plenty of fishable water, and many nice sized trout.  My PB there is a 6 pound 2 ounce holdover rainbow trout, caught on a black woolly bugger.  There are all sorts of spots on the Parker, but in the Crane Pond Wildlife Management Area, there is some excellent water.  The Parker’s flow is pretty good right now, so give it a shot! More specifics on this river to come later.

Yesterday, I made the trip up to the Squannacook and Nissitissit up in Peperrell and Townsend. These rivers were freshly stocked a few weeks ago, so give them a shot now.  The recent rain has the flows at a great level, and there are plenty of trout to be taken.  I caught and released 4 average browns at the Squannie, but when I moved to the Niss, only got one.  Small white woolly buggers were responsible for 3 of the five fish, with san juan worms taking the other two.

I plan on hitting the Swift next Saturday, and will hopefully have a report coming up.


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One thought on “Lets Get Started- A Rivers Report

  1. Did you get the 6 pounder out of the Crane Pond Stretch? Have always wanted to try that area but have never gotten around to it

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