Streamers in Massachusetts

Before 2014, I almost only threw nymphs and dries, but never streamers.  I was never really sure what conditions to fish them in, and all the other technical stuff, like depth and streamer size.  But at the beginning of this year, I made up my mind that I was going to fish a lot of streamers, and so far, I have. I’ve fished a lot of streamers.

Stocked trout are not very intelligent, but they do have basic instincts.  When a small baitfish comes flickering in front of there face, they are going to eat it.  Big holdover trout, don’t get that big by eating exclusively midges. BIG trout get BIG by eating BIG food. That’s why streamers are so good.  You can fish them all year round, because there are always baitfish in the rivers.  And trout always eat them.
The reason I’m writing about streamers, is mainly because streamers have been the hot ticket right now on most rivers.  I’ve landed a dozen trout this week with streamers on the Squannacook and Nissitissit, and I saw many others doing the same.  A friend of mine also reported catching several very picky Swift River rainbows on white marabou streamers.  We don’t have a ton of hatches going on now, so streamers and nymphs are the best bets. And although I’ve got nothing against nymphing (I probably fish nymphs more than any other type of fly), I’d rather be rapidly stripping in streamers and getting some vicious strikes!  
So, for those of you who want to fish some streamers on your local rivers, but aren’t quite sure what to use, I’ve listed my top 5 streamers for MA river.  Of course, these streamers work everywhere, and there are many other streamers that work in MA, but these are 5 streamers you should always have plenty of in your boxes. 
Black Woolly Bugger – size 6
Blacknose Dace – Size 8
White Marabou Streamer – Size 8
Double Bunny – Size 6
Zonker – Size 6
There you go! Tie some up, or pick some up next time you’re at your local fly shop. Good luck on the water!
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