My New #1 Fly

I this morning was going through my fishing log and noticed one reliable fly kept coming up: the Sexy Walt’s. I’ve blogged about this fly quite a few times. I think that’s because it simply works. The fly dupes stockies and the wily and wild Farmington browns. It has even surpassed in effectiveness my prior

A Sexy Walt’s for Spring

Maybe it’s a coincidence, but a Sexy Walt’s variant I tie does really well in the spring. When black stoneflies start to scurry around, I try to throw an imitation nymph. Over time, I’m simplifying my patterns, and so, almost never tie stonefly nymphs with complicated legs and bodies. I read online that a Hare’s


Good dropper last February. Size 20. Black midge larva with blue Krystal Flash and UV Finish Thin. #euronymphing #orvis #flyfishing #flytying A post shared by BlogFlyFishMA (@blogflyfishma) on Jan 28, 2017 at 1:21am PST I’ve read that blue can be a very powerful color for flies in the winter. Last year, I tied up various