At the Bench: Caddis Larva

After hearing about some people at the Farmington who tightline bait, such as meal worms, I decided to play around at the tying bench. View this post on Instagram A post shared by (@blogflyfish) Moreover, I’ve had good luck recently with microtubing. It gives a subtle glow and segmentation to nymphs. During a tough

At the Bench: My Lucky Perdigón

Last autumn, I landed my personal best trout. It was a 22″ buck brown. I couldn’t believe my luck. View this post on Instagram A post shared by (@blogflyfish) The fish fell for a brown Perdigón with an orange hot spot. It was in a shallow riffle, most likely grazing on brookie eggs. Or,

Pheasant Tail Variants

I’m continuing to tie flies with different colors. As I wrote yesterday, I’m doing this for experimentation, but, also, to have something different to throw to pressured fish. “Variants” have been very effective (prior post here). I think the ol’ Pheasant Tail is a great fly pattern. I like making them on barbless and curved