Midge Pupa

Tying more of these. Best dropper fly last spring. Size 20. Thread, wire, peacock herl. Hook with 3x gape. #euronymphing #orvis #flyfishing #barbless #flytying A post shared by BlogFlyFish (@blogflyfish) on Jan 13, 2017 at 5:43am PST With fishing not in cards for a while due to schedules, it has been fun to engage in

At the Bench: Lance Egan’s Red Dart

Lance Egan’s Red Dart. Via @lanceeganflyfishing #flytying #barbless #flyfishing #orvis #euronymphing A post shared by BlogFlyFishMA (@blogflyfishma) on Jan 2, 2017 at 4:16am PST I’ve longed fished the Frenchie well before I knew that Lance Egan invented it. I recently watched his Modern Nymphing video and listened to a podcast that featured him. (I love

My #1 Fly Recently: a CDC Soft Hackle

One of the best flies for me this summer and fall has been a small, durable and ridiculously easy fly to make. It was the #1 fly during my recent long weekend at the Farmington. When I see BWOs start to pop, this is a fly I put on. View this post on Instagram A