Interview: Steve Dally of Dally’s Ozark Fly Fisher

I posted a streamer tie on Instagram and tagged Dally’s Ozark Fly Fisher. A Concord Outfitters group will be fishing with Dally’s at Arkansas’ famed White River, known for its monster browns. Wouldn’t you know it, but Steve Dally himself generously reached out with some advice, something he didn’t have to do. If you’re into

The Truckee(s), Part 2: Too Much Water, Too Little Time

If you didn’t catch the first post (link here), here’s a summary: the area around Truckee, and, specifically, the Little Truckee River, is fantastic and amazing! After a day-and-a-half of fishing, I left the Little Truckee. I went off to find myself an early pizza dinner with a bit of local beer. The downtown strip

The Little Truckee: So Much Good Water, I Barely Scratched the Surface

It’s been a busy fall for me. I have been collecting some fly-tying materials with my new, year-old bird dog. So, I haven’t made it out nearly as much as I want to the trout waters. Toss in some social obligations on key weekends, well, and, it just means I have been pitifully under-fishing.  Short