Best of 2022: Brook Trout at Dusk

I had a memorable trip up north this past Labor Day weekend for a couple days where my father and I targeted brook trout and landlocked Atlantic salmon. My most memorable experiences were at the area featured in these videos.

I fished this spot twice. The first time, we saw a moose crossing a body of water, swimming and then struggling in the mud to stand. What a cool experience to see. The second time I was by myself at dusk and fished until last light.

I’ve had a GoPro 8 for a couple years but have barely used it for fishing (my other current outdoor passion is mountain biking). Maybe my New Year’s resolution should be to correct that, as this footage is entertaining.

In the first video you’ll see brookies rising, poor casting (I swear it’s gotten better since this), and a nice fish hooked and landed. Warning for young ears, I do swear once after landing it. I also intentionally mention a fake place name a la Huge Flyfisherman.

I was using my beloved 10 foot #4 L.L. Bean Silver Ghost (discontinued), my Pflueger reel (which has had to be repaired more than once, would not buy again), an Orvis fly line, and a Patriot dry fly. The fish actually took as the fly had sunk and I wasn’t even looking at it, which was fortuitous.

Finally, here’s what happens when you fish a small nymph to picky brook trout after they refuse your surface presentations for an hour (I swear again after landing it).

This location is public access and if you’re intrigued you can feel free to reach out to me da********@gm***.com or DM @greenzero8. Happy New Year everyone.


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