Three by Three

It’s not much, but I fished Sunday and saw three species (‘bows, brookies, and browns) on three techniques (dries, tightlining, and swinging wets): a “3 x 3″ type of day.

The fish of the day taped at 18” and took a David Hughes March Brown Flymph (recipe here) on a very slow swing at a tailout. I like all kinds of fly fishing, but throwing wets is a real thrill. There are those precious few seconds when a fish takes a wet, wonders why it is feeling resistance, and then makes a run, all the while you have to resist the urge to set the hook and let nature take its course.

I’m not sure what it is about that pattern, but it usually does very well in the spring for me.

A 15″ brookie was the surprise of the day, hiding in a quiet seam at shallow riffles and which I had worked thoroughly before a small streamer proved to be its undoing.

All in all, it was a very pleasant day with a few bite windows and some of the usual lulls. Fish are increasingly going for drab and smallish flies.


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