Maine 2022, Part 1

It took a bit of doing, but our annual blog writers’ Maine gathering has commenced. We’re a smaller group this year, as it is just Jamie and I, but that’s what happens when people have personal and work commitments. We will toast the other writers tonight.

First off, it is blazing hot today. I got up early and snuck in a half day of fishing, and the 50 degree water was a nice respite from the heat and humidity. Not much bug action other than midges, and I was blanked at some choice runs but did manage to dupe two brookies that were probably around 12″. I’m fine with the size because it is nice to see fish that are both wild and native.

Jamie arrived a little bit later and is now casting some lines as I ready dinner. Our deal as a blog team is that we each take turns providing and cooking dinner, and we bring our own ingredients for breakfast and lunch. Last year was an absolute feast, and I suspect this year will be the same.

The fishing in Maine each year is different, however, as it is entirely dependent on flows and temps. We have to adapt to what the rivers give us, and it makes for some challenging but fun outings. But the air smells clean, the evenings are cool, and the camaraderie is always first rate when our team gets together.

Wish us luck!


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