Lesser-Known Flies Series: The Simi Seal

I previously wrote about the Patriot dry fly and the Doodle Bug/Devil Bug dry fly. Call this post the next in my series of Lesser-Known Flies.

Looking for a new streamer to try this spring? Give the Simi Seal a shot. It has a slim profile that reminds me of a Thin Mint-style Woolly Bugger.

Source: Fly Fish Food

I first learned about the Simi Seal while preparing to fish Silver Creek in Eastern Arizona. If you ever find yourself in the Show Low/Pinetop-Lakeside region by the White Mountains of Arizona, check out Silver Creek. It’s popular with fly anglers and teeming with trout, including stocked Apache trout, a rare find.

Source: John Rohmer Materials

First, I’ll give you some options to buy the Simi Seal online if you’re not a tier:

  1. Fly Fish Food
  2. Big Y Fly Co
  3. Etsy

There are a handful of other online vendors, and I encourage you to use the Google machine to find them. If you’d like to tie yourself, here you go for the main recipe: John Rohmer Materials at azflyfishing.net. I’ll quote the enticing blurb and link the video below:

“Master fly tier and inventor, John Rohmer, may have just stumbled on the single most versatile fish-catching blend of material that is known world-wide as Simi Seal. The material is a course blend of medium-length fibers of secret origin, created using a custom-built multi-stage blending machine that is secretly located in the basement of an undisclosed warehouse somewhere in the central part of the Arizona Sonoran Desert.”



An alternate take:


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2 thoughts on “Lesser-Known Flies Series: The Simi Seal

  1. Wow, I like the look of that fly and the method. It seems like the streamer version of a single material dry fly like the usual. With a fishy material that’s all you need! Thanks for sharing.

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