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Find me a cheap room in a New England town, where there’s coffee in the morning, a river a short drive away, and a pub nearby for my one hot meal of the day. For me, that’s happiness.

When fellow blogger Jamie Carr pinged me to see if I would join him on a Harrison Anglers float, I sprinted to say “yes” and to find such a room, any room, at which to book a mini-holiday.

The wade fishing has been tough. Very high and very cold water, along with very few eats. I did manage to land a good brown, but it surged out of the net after one weak attempt at a photo. Even the stockies didn’t really help me. I found a few, but it took a lot of time. I’ve never been able to figure out the Deerfield, and this past trip has been no exception.

A float with Tom Harrison was a great success, given his fish-hawk instincts and overall great karma. But I lost a beloved fly box, and a mishap on the boat broke the tip of my beloved Thomas and Thomas Contact II. Ever the hero, Tom said he would help me with both.

But honestly, it’s all good. I mean, how bad can three days of focused fishing be? I swung by A-OK Berkshire Barbeque, which was good as ever. And, it is always amazing to be out on the water. Hendricksons were starting to pop, though there were very few risers.

I’m down for warmer weather and rising fish. I think both are around the corner.


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