Amazed and Amazing

Photo: Joe Drake

Sometimes, it all comes together. You wish it happened more often. But after a lean period of winter fly fishing, just one productive outing is more than enough.

I met up with Joe Drake, fellow blog team member and a guy who is the best caster with whom I’ve ever fished. Joe doesn’t float bobbers, tightline, or chuck beaded nymphs. He’s got all that gear, but he’s all about dries, wets, and streamers. A man for those three seasons.

We hit a couple of spots and arrived at one in time for a glorious midge hatch. It was fierce, like an amped-up Trico hatch in Montana or a horror movie about bugs. There were even a few rises.

In the end, we did our work and it was sweet effort at that. Try as I might, I couldn’t dupe the few risers that I saw. But I did do the nymph game and was fortunate to see some fish, including this 18″-taped beauty (took a size 20 soft hackle on a dead drift).

A feisty 17″ rain-bro that looked like a holdover took a size 14 Caddis pupa. And a fat, clean-looking brown absolutely crushed a Euro-jig streamer. There were other fish but nothing special after seeing those three. Dries and the bobber failed me. All of my fish were via Euronymphing.

Joe kept fishing while I bailed in the late afternoon due to a seized-up back. It’s a small price to pay to hit some pretty water, see some trout, and fish with a friend.

All-in, I’m always amazed by how amazing fly fishing is. Hope you’re ready for spring fishing. I got my first vaccine shot last week and feel great!

On a side note, I’m buying my first salt rod and have been selling some gear that is nearly-new and which I don’t use: 000-weight fly line and some kid’s waders.


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4 thoughts on “Amazed and Amazing

  1. Sorry to hear about your back. That’s the price you pay for not catching SNITs. 🙂

    Take me next time and I’ll carry your gear.

  2. Nice fish, nice job. I myself have been sidelined with some back problems. Know well the feeling of catching great fish and seized-up back. Bill- I should take you with me and you can carry ME.

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