One Million Page Views

Earlier today, our blog hit one million page views!

Thank you for reading and sharing our posts and all the thoughtful comments. Nearly 2,000 of you follow us on social media and via email subscription.

Thank you to the prior writers! Thank you to the current crew: Jamie Carr, Joe Drake, Bill Hager, Dave Hyde, Damon Matus and Ashu Rao! And many thanks to the great folks who make amazing gear and offer incredible advice to us all: Concord Outfitters, Cortland, Orvis, Thomas & Thomas and UpCountry.

Honestly, I never imagined that a handful of anglers who liked to fish and write would produce posts that you would want to read. In the beginning, we wrote mostly for ourselves.

I never expected that we would grow via word-of-mouth and become the largest fly fishing blog in New England and #25 in the world.

It honestly feels pretty good, as we give away 100% of our profits to Casting for Recovery and Project Healing Waters. But the most meaningful benefit for me has been the friendships: the other writers, crossing paths with readers, chats at UpCountry, flies-for-feather swaps with one of you, etc.

So, a huge hat tip to all of you. Thank you for giving us all a reason to forget the pandemic.

Peace and health to the BlogFlyFish community!


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8 thoughts on “One Million Page Views

  1. Congratulations, Jo! You’ve created a quality blog for fly fishers and met a big need that all of us have for helpful information about fly fishing, written in an interesting way.

  2. Congrats on a great achievement. Thanks to all the writers for a great read every time; from advice, reports, info, perspectives, new ideas and a boatload of humor in the stories. Not only have you captured the hearts and minds of us readers, but oftentimes we feel like we are there with you in your stories. It doesn’t get any better – and please keep up the fantastic effort. Learned so much from your contributors, and at times laughed at some funny comments in the stories. Hats off to everyone there!

  3. Great job to all of you guys! One of a few things I enjoy during a hectic work week is imagining I’m fishing with the writers as was said in the reply’s. Love the humor, pics and valuable info you all share with us! Keep up the great work and stay safe.

  4. Jo, well deserved for all your and the team’s efforts at making this all so interesting/informative/entertaining. to quote a wise fisherman: Peace and health to the BlogFlyFish community!

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