Low-Percentage Days

I’m not really sure if you could call it an outing. More like a long drive there and back while listening to podcasts with some fishing in-between. You could say that low-percentage days aren’t worth the effort, and you would be right. But, I fished a half-day any way.

I’m a sucker for high water after a rain storm, even if the day is brisk and inconvenient to the body. But, I know I will be rewarded with an empty river affording plenty of elbow room and the chance to see a decent brown.

I worked the articulated-streamer game for a few hours. Then, I switched to the ol’ bobber. The former kept me warm, and the latter brought me some fish.

I’ve done really well in the past throwing streamers on a cold day when water was high. But, today was a low-volume session whereby every fish felt earned and precious.

The brown of the day was a Survivor Strain stocked in 2019 (red elastomer behind the right eye), and it gave the six-weight a good fight. Maybe 14” or 15”? I’m always impressed by how rugged these fish are. They live through droughts, floods, and pandemic-driven record-setting crowds.

There’s a life lesson there somewhere. But, as for me, I was just happy to get outside, be in the water, and see some pretty browns.

A happy Hallow’s Eve to all….


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4 thoughts on “Low-Percentage Days

  1. Beautiful brown!

    I know the feeling – long drive, not many fish. But you scratched an itch and sometimes that’s enough in itself.

  2. I am glad you got out, Jo. I am having a hard time motivating myself to fish lately. Probably because the unpopular area that I fish has gotten a lot more popular since the plague happened. Fishing has been none too good either, though I have tried everything under the sun. Changing flies so often I have gotten darned good at the double-davy knot!

    1. Same here, Sam. I skipped last week as I didn’t want to deal with more low water. But, with hunting season and periodic rain, I think conditions will improve and it will be less crowded. Hang in there!

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