At Long Last

Honestly, it was starting to get discouraging.

Every Saturday or Sunday, I have been getting up early to be on the water before dawn. My goal? Intersect a robust Trico hatch and spinner fall.

At long last, the stars aligned this past weekend, and I saw quite a few gulpers feasting on fallen bugs. It was a joy to see clouds of bugs float over my head and descend to the water.

The fishing was still tough, and I lost some big fish on 7x. But, it was amazing to see so many trouts rising steadily and lazily eat. And, I caught more than I would have anticipated.

The action was so awesome that I went back the next day to the same spot…and, there were few Tricos. The weather seemed the same, at least, to me. No wind. A little more cloud cover, though. The Tricos decided to play elsewhere. Bug hatches are so tough to predict.

Every time I landed a decent fish, I decided to clip off and re-tie. It really helped, as I didn’t lose any fish the second day.


It was a lot of driving on Labor Day weekend. It’s about four-and-half hours in the car to fish five hours. But, it’s worth it for me. If you see oodles of fish rise to Tricos, you’ll know what I mean.

The best fish was about 17″ and surged four times. Thankfully, my knots held. Best wishes to all….


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5 thoughts on “At Long Last

  1. 28’s!! Do you carry flies with the tippets pre-attached? Nice to have good eyes! LOL

    Congratulations. I saw a few spinners on the water last week but was fishing a rainy afternoon.

    1. Thanks, Steve. No, I just gut it out. 7x is pretty thin, and I tie the flies on “big eye” hooks. Hope you’re well….

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