The Streamer Skunk

There aren’t any glossy photos of kick-ass fish in this post. That’s because I didn’t catch any today.

I fished starting at dawn and devoted all of my time to streamers. And, not just any streamers, but those that were six- to eight-inches and articulated. They were the low-probability option on a winter’s day.

I hit the usual resting lies at which I’ve caught a regular amount of trout in past winters. I threw all sorts of streamers of all types. I rotated through all the usual colors. I tried all sorts of depths and retrieves. Normally, this approach works, even when the water is very cold, like it was today.

But, not today. Not even a single grab. I just didn’t feel like chucking a bobber today and was more than happy with the results. And, since I’m not a great indi-angler, who knows if I would have caught anything?

But, there were some great moments nonetheless:

  • I saw a bald eagle.
  • I somehow dropped my Smith Chromapop glasses; miraculously, I found them on a dirt trail much later. What are the odds?
  • I saw a young angler, alone, casting a bobber and egg sack (he brought to the river a bag o’ bait in a Ziploc), and it was really great to see someone so young so focused on his craft. He was throwing near where I was, I’m sure innocently, and I silently yielded the run to him.
  • The landscape was devoid of people (mostly), cold, stark, and grey, but quite beautiful in a minimalist way.
  • A Reuben sandwich for lunch was perfect.

I think fly fishing is great when you actually can catch a fish. But, it’s pretty cool even when you don’t.

Thus, the one photo for this post is my lunch. Behold, the Reuben….


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8 thoughts on “The Streamer Skunk

  1. Nothing doing for me today either, not one hit for the second outing in a row. I got good practice on tying the Davy Knot though, churning through many different flies trying to crack the code. Where I fish the water has been in the 30’s for so long now I believe the trout are really hunkered down. At this point, I can’t wait for spring and the sight of mayflies in the air.

    Best, Sam

  2. True that, Fly Fished the Swift River. For Fourteen years, patience is the ultimate virtue. Had to teach myself(live and learn). Hope the next “One” goes to you. Used a Nymphing technique, I learned at the age of Eight. To catch that Brown. You’ll get one, at least Fly Fishing. Is cheaper than the Lottery??


    William D. Flack

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