A Face Full of Feathers

I only have time for a short blog post, as we’re off to dinner soon. Here are the details:

    • Arrived at the Farmington at 6 am, well before the 7:30 am sunrise. Fished in the dark to start off; amazingly, landed a ‘bow right away. It was 29 °F when I got there, and ice formed on the guides.
    • As with last time, focused on throwing articulated streamers with my new Helios 3 seven weight rod.
    • Am starting to learn what “streamer water” looks like. Am glad that it covers, so far, water that I previously walked by. So, am glad that big streamers will let me fish new water.
    • Went seven-for-13 in the end, nearly all browns. Still getting used to strip setting and playing fish with the new rod.
    • The “hot” fly was an olive streamer I had tied (here). I knew it was a good day when one of that streamer’s hooks was slightly bent after duping a dozen fish.
    • Best fish of the day was a very angry buck brown (15″, probably?). I think it was indignant that it had a face full of feathers.



Life is good! Hope you’re all having a great weekend. Should be a great Patriots-Ravens game tomorrow night.


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