Missed the Tricos

Sadly, I missed the Farmington Trico hatch, which is my favorite one. It is the price I’ve paid for having busy work and family schedules. I went to one of my favorite pools, but the hatch had moved upstream.

However, I recently was able to spend a morning on the water and ran into oodles of fish with dries and dry-droppers. With flows lowered for a few days, it was too good of an opportunity to pass up, and so, I made a mad dash for a short outing.

The water was cool (about 64 °F at the end of session), clear and low. 6x tippet didn’t work. 7x was decent, and 8x did the best. I fished dries a size 20 or smaller. Sometimes, I attached a dropper fly about a foot down.

The Ed Engle Sunken Trico Spinner did very well, as it does each summer once Tricos pop. I suspect the hatch was happening somewhere above me. Or, the fish still remembered seeing spent Tricos.

Either way, it was a double-digit outing. Small Caddis and parachute-post dries did particularly well. I caught quite a few small browns and salmon parr.  I also landed a few clean-looking browns measuring 12”+. No giants this time, though I did see a few rise to inspect my offerings. There were some big fish hiding in plain sight!

Last, I saw two browns pair up and slash around each other. Looks like a wee bit of pre-spawning behavior has started!


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5 thoughts on “Missed the Tricos

  1. Nice post Jo! I’m glad you got some fish despite missing the hatch. I’ve found that hatches have been off this year by a week or two

  2. FYI, according to UpCountry Sportfishing, the tricos are going strong on the Farmington and will be for the next couple of weeks. (I hope to hit them next weekend!)

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