Outing: Souhegan River

I went to Nashua to visit some out-of-town family this past weekend. After spending time with family on Saturday, I got the much needed hall pass to fish on Sunday.

My previously well laid-out plans to wake up early and fish till noon went out the window since I slept in till 9 am. Still, I resolved to fish, and a late start wouldn’t stop me. I decided to revisit a spot that I fished last Memorial Day weekend. Although the flows were quite low at the time, I had a high-volume outing. I was curious to see how well it would fish during this year’s higher flows.

When I arrived at the Souhegan, I felt at ease. I love fishing this river; it reminded me of the Upper Connecticut and Deerfield. It is a truly unique gem in this part of the state. With early morning rains muddying up the river some, I decided to rig two rods: a 9′ 5 wt. for streamers and a 10’6″ 3 wt. for Euronymphing. My anticipation increased as I walked along the river bank.

A bonus: a wild brookie

Although the fishing started off slow, I soon jumped into a rhythm as I found where the fish held. Overall, the fishing was solid, but not spectacular. I landed 10 trout altogether, a mix of bows and brookies. Most were cookie cutters in the eight-to-10-inch range, but one was quite large and put up a great fight on my 10″6″ 3 wt.

My top producer was a Walt’s Worm, although I caught fish on caddis pupae and streamers as well. I got the majority of takes on my anchor (the Walt’s), while only one took the caddis dropper. I’ve noticed a similar trend in past trips. Does this happen often?


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2 thoughts on “Outing: Souhegan River

  1. Great job connecting with trout, Ashu. It is indeed fun connecting with trout in different streams which I have done this spring as well with the Swift still flowing so high.

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