Trout Stocking Update (Spring 2019)

Well, we’re turning the corner here in Trout Land.

Connecticut has started its spring stocking program, and Massachusetts posts that its trucks will start rolling the week of March 4. I suspect NH and VT will start in a few weeks.

If you’re interested in following the action, here are some links:

Moreover, don’t forget to review our River Guides (a full list here) where we suggest spots to get you going. At that prior link, we also have fly recommendations classified by river and type of fly.

We have profiled some of the more heavily-stocked waters: the Swift (Y-Pool, Hatchery Pipe, Bondsville and its east branch), Westfield, Millers, Farmington, Willimantic, Squannacook, Quinapoxet, Souhegan, and the Upper Connecticut’s “Trophy Stretch.”

Last, if wild fish are more your thing, there’s plenty of water. For example, here is a list of Massachusetts rivers and brooks. And, note that fresh stockies will increase the competition for feed, and that makes the wild fish more aggressive.

Here are some fish from last spring.

Soon, the trees will bloom, the bugs will be hatching and eager fish will be gliding around and rising. Let the games begin!



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