Prep for the ‘Trophy Stretch’

There’s a period this summer when all of our kids will be out of town. The Mrs. asked me if I would teach her to fly fish.

We will head to the “Trophy Stretch” up in Pittsburg, NH. I’ve booked a room at Tall Timber for a long weekend. It will be her first stay and my 15th, and I’m very much looking forward to seeing again the Caron family (the owners).

As I’ve written before, I love it up there. It truly is heaven for me. It’s beautiful, cell coverage is spotty, and the trout are prolific. Before six years ago, I fished only once a year, and that was where I went.

So, I’ve been re-loading the fly boxes this morning to prep for the trip. On winter Saturdays, I love getting up before dawn and making flies in a cold room while sitting next to the fireplace.

At the Trophy Stretch, I really like throwing Caddis emergers and soft hackles and have been tying them this morning. I’m incorporating some ruffed grouse feathers where appropriate, as a skin arrived in the mail this week. The photo doesn’t do justice to the fine and beautiful articulation on the feathers.

Best wishes for a great weekend. It’s confirmed: I will be in Atlanta for the Super Bowl and am really pumped. Go, Pats!


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13 thoughts on “Prep for the ‘Trophy Stretch’

  1. Those are some nice looking patterns Jo! I’m glad to hear that Mrs.T finally came around for fly fishing. Some of my best memories involve bringing new people out to the river for the first time. From my experience I found that women are much better learners than men in this regard :).

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