December ’Bows

Geoff Klane invited me last night to fish with him today. Unfortunately, due to work commitments, I wasn’t able to leave until 1:00. With limited time and a 1.5 hour drive to Massachusetts, I decided to stay local.

Since the Lamprey was crowded today, I decided to revisit the Exeter. Due to the increased flows, I stuck to the bank and cherry picked spots.

I started in the pocket water near the dam, where I caught fish last time, and worked my way downstream. Through the first hour, I moved only one fish in surprisingly skinny water, but that was it. With waning daylight, I decided to target deeper wintering holes.

After working the tail-out of a larger run, I landed two bows on back-to-back drifts. The first was a 13”+ beauty with a deep-yellow belly.

Continuing downstream, I found more bows hanging out in the slow bubbly seam of a faster run. At one point, almost every drift yielded a strike or hook-up. I was amazed at just how many fish were sitting less than a rod’s length away from the shore. Most were small (8-10 in.), but I broke off a much larger fish on some underwater debris.

My top producers in this run were egg patterns and jig-style pheasant tails.

Overall, I went four-for-seven. A great way to spend a rare, warm December day.


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5 thoughts on “December ’Bows

  1. Well done, Ashu. I fished Bondsville Swift today, but for me nothing doing. Amazing how the water is rushing through there with the dam overflowing, which is not to my liking or wading confidence. It is a much different river than I am accustomed to fishing.

    Tough to find a place to wade, even on the edges. Best to my ability I drifted weighted flies in quieter zones, but got no takers. I have had a good year fishing so no complaints.


    1. Thank you Sam! This time of year is always tough. I’m honestly surprised I got into multiple fish. Usually, it is one and done for me if I don’t get skunked. Merry Christmas to you and your family! Hopefully you can get out again before the new year

      1. Ashu, one and done I consider a good outing this time of year. Nothing like having a good trout on, and that one will stay in mind for a good while.

        Having had my fill of the high flowing Swift, I hit a local small stream today for a couple of hours. Beautiful holding pockets and undercut banks were fished to, but no takers. Still nice to be out on a very nice December day.

        Happy, Healthy New Year wished for you, Ashu. March with its early may fly hatches is not far off.

        Best, Sam

  2. Trying to figure out how to participate here. Seems to be a fixed group of contributors? Not much of a techie so maybe I’m missing by a click.
    Aside from that, I have a bunch of fly tying gear that I am selling cheap. About half price from retail. Hooks, hair, flash, eyes,dumbells, etc etc etc. IS there a place in this blog to get a note out to anyone who would want to look at a spread sheet and pictures of the materials?
    About 25% of the proceeds go to TU. The rest is to cover the cost of the original purchase and some money for flies I can’t tie myself anyway! haha!!!

    1. Hi Douglas, that sounds like a good deal. Unfortunately, there is a fixed group of contributors on this page. I’d post something about that on the Mass Fly-Fishing Facebook page. You are bound to reach a wider audience and attract more immediate attention. Hope this helps. Merry Christmas!

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