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With a Winter Advisory in effect and water very high, I decided to fish. Thomas & Thomas repaired my rod in just 14 days, and I wanted to try my new neoprene waders. So, off I went to the Swift.

I knew immediately that this was going to be a different kind of day, as I saw very few fish at Spot A. Maybe it was because the brookie spawn has ended or the strong wind or the cold rain, but all of that portended a low-percentage day.

The flows at 631 cfs also made it challenging. I hit a few spots and had to hug the bank and roll-cast whenever possible. There were only a few hardy anglers out, and no wonder. I didn’t get one take, I didn’t see anyone else with a fish on.

After three hours of this, I reeled up and decided to hit BT’s Smokehouse on the way home. Conveniently located at the confluence of the Mass Pike and I-84, I’ve long eyed Damon’s Instagram posts about it.

Today was the day.

Unfortunately, they were out of all pork ribs, and so, I did the beef double-down and ordered the brisket and the beef ribs. The food was ridiculously good.

For those in metro Boston coming back from the Farmington or the Swift, BT’s offers a convenient location and even better food. Just note that they’re closed December 31 to January 7.

Catching fish is always the goal, but great BBQ is a nice Plan B.


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11 thoughts on “BT’s Smokehouse

  1. Looks like your day wasn’t a complete bust. I’ll have to check that place out next time I fish the Swift or Farmington!

  2. Jo, with time off this week I have fished the Bondsville section a couple of times finding zones along the edge that I could wade from. One place where I could usually wade easily was now just a shelf, to my right one step away a 6 foot drop off. I dangled a fly in there wondering if a trout was in there, but nothing doing and I got out of Dodge. Back upstream I found a good place to wade a few feet out, but it was tough to get a fly out into a decent zone with over hanging branches and such.

    Good call hitting BT’s. That place is the best and along with their smoked meats, their fried chicken first Tuesday every month is something else. Closed next week, they will be serving it up on Tuesday the next week. Once in a while I just have to have it along with cole slaw.

  3. I fished the swift today also. Yes it was a tough day no doubt. I did manage to hook a couple of Rainbows but lost both of them in the heavy current. The Salmon seemed to be very lethargic.

    1. Awesome that you got some takes, Mike! I think the salmon aren’t finding enough protein and will gradually waste away, unfortunately.

      1. They did last time too, unfortunately. There just isn’t enough food for them in the river. If the swift was part of a chain of lakes, like the upper Connecticut in Pittsburg, it might be a completely different story.

  4. BT’s is great, and it’s BYOB. Stop by Yankee Spirits or better yet, make the 10 minute run up rte 20 to Tree House Brewing in Charlton before you stop in.

  5. Damon beat me to it! The Swift, treehouse, and BTs are all favorites and MA treasures. I have never hit all 3 in one day, but I guess it’s good to have goals ;). Maybe I’ll make that my new year’s resolution for ’19!

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