UpCountry’s George Daniel Clinics

George Daniel is an amazing angler and teacher. He used to compete for, and then coach, Team USA.

His Dynamic Nymphing book is a must-have, IMO, both for tightlining and indicator nymphing. People say that Strip-Set is equally good if you’re into streamer fishing.

In addition, I’ve run into many people who have taken his clinics, all of whom say that they learned a ton.

UpCountry is holding two clinics with George, a September 29 one on nymphing and a September 30 one on streamer fishing.

I’ve signed up for the nymphing clinic and hope to see you there!


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6 thoughts on “UpCountry’s George Daniel Clinics

  1. Dynamic Nymphing is a must have reference book IMHO. Lots of good information every time I re-read sections. He really focuses on presentation which is the most important part of both sub and surface flyfishing.

    BTW, used your slack line leader formula the other night on the Farmington. Money!! Thanks

    1. Awesome! I’ll be fishing before and after the clinic. Insta-DM me your mobile number, and I will do the same, if your schedule allows us to fish together?

  2. George Daniel has a new book out: “Nymph Fishing: New Angles, Tactics, and Techniques”. I definitely recommend it. Some updates from his original book like admitting his old preference for fast rods was a mistake.
    Love his candor, direct writing style and so many nuts and bolts hints.

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