Cape Cod Schoolie Madness

Fellow blogger Alex Bagdonas joined me for a guided trip on Cape Cod with guide Steve Kean.

The original hope was to get into tailing fish at first light, but after an hour past false dawn with no tails in sight, Steve called an audible and took us to a channel edge for blind casting.

We were immediately into a non-stop schoolie bite.  The fish were keyed in on a massive sand eel school that was trapped along the channel edge.  Very sparse chartreuse and white clousers were the hot fly.

Usually, I am working hard at night, throwing huge flies to big bass hoping to get one to three fish. So, the chance to hammer large numbers of fish in daylight was a welcome change of pace.

Because sight fishing conditions were not materializing, we decided to stay on the channel and enjoy this opportunity to just go for a high quantity of schoolie stripers.

We ended the trip with over 100 striped bass landed between the two of us before we had to paddle back to the launch ramp.  Steve uses the kayaks for transportation and fishing is done via wading the flats.

If you are interested in booking a trip with Steve check out his website.  These trips involve paddling and walking long distances on the flats, and you will spend more than half of the time in the dark.  Based on my experiences, I would recommend that you should be a competent kayaker and in reasonable shape before booking a trip with Steve.

This past trip was the 10th one in the past five years I have done with Steve, and he has consistently put me on both high numbers and big fish sight fishing opportunities.

A fun outing!


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