Golf Course Pond Escapade, Part 2

With ice out and the rivers blown, I thought it would be a good time to sneak onto a local golf course. I did this last year (here), and I had a great time.

I figured this was an ideal window. The course was not yet open, and access should be easy.

Armed with my H2 #4 and some streamers and Mops, I parked at the edge of the course and nonchalantly walked on the cart path.

The course maintenance crews already were hard at work. When one drove by me, I gave a quick wave. They waved back, and no one stopped me.

So, off to the pond.

The water was low, and I didn’t see any critters swimming around. I hit some of the deeper spots.


With the sun shining, I thought that maybe the fish would be in more shallow water to warm up. I found a side cove and cast there.

Fish on!

I landed a few panfish, and they were bigger than my hand. I don’t know what they’re eating, but they were corpulent.

After a while, the hits stopped coming, and I reeled up.

I love “long-haul” drives to good rivers: the peaceful pre-dawn drives while listening to music and podcasts, the (usually) satisfying outings, and the drives home as I remember the fish caught.

But, “short-haul” trips are fine, too. In this case, the golf course is a 10-minute drive from the house.

Sometimes, you have a fishy itch that just needs scratchin’….


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6 thoughts on “Golf Course Pond Escapade, Part 2

  1. Those Pannies can put a good bend in a fly rod and aren’t picky. Plus you never know what might hit from Sunnies to Bass. Lots o fun!

  2. Nice fat Kivver, as we used to call them.

    I don’t live on a lake, but there is a small lake less than 1000ft from my front door. I often take my fly rod down there in the evenings to fling a few bugs. A nice, light fly rod makes catching sunfish fun again. My Dad used to laugh at me for doing it, until I dragged him down there one evening last year. That shut him up.

    Great for testing out new fly patterns I tie, although sunfish aren’t very discriminating.

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