Quinapoxet Dam Removal

Just saw this. Given that some of us fish the Quinapoxet, thought it would be of interest (also, our river guides here and here).


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5 thoughts on “Quinapoxet Dam Removal

  1. The grant indicates it will pay to create engineered plans for the eventual removal which in all likelihood will allow the project to go out to bid. The article you posted states “The grant will assist MWRA to develop permit-ready plans for the removal.” One step closer, but the project to remove the dam still needs to be funded.

  2. I’m not familiar with this river and “Landlocked Salmon” caught my eye. Can someone educate me? Thanks

    1. The Quinapoxet flows into the Wachusett Reservoir, which has wild landlocked salmon. So far, they can only use the low gradient Stillwater river to reproduce. Once the dam is removed, it’s hoped that the salmon will utilize the Quinapoxet river as well…

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