We were hit pretty hard by the blizzard. But, what a view.

I am eyeing the weather forecast. I’m keeping a lookout for weekends when the temperature highs will be above 32 °F. I don’t mind my guides icing for part of the time, but dealing with ice all day is a RPITA.

I expect the outings to feature few fish, but, I’m good with that. It is great to be on the water and outside.

My gear is cleaned and prepped. My fly boxes are full. I am ready for spring.

As you prep, a few suggestions:

  • We have a list of DIY spots and recommended flies (here)
  • Some books are well worth reading (here)
  • We have a list of recommended gear at a very wide price range (here)

See you on the water!


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2 thoughts on “Prep

  1. You have done a nice job of organizing your blog so that readers can zero in on items useful to them especially if they are new to the blog or vaguely remember a topic from past reading. Congrats

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