I had a two-hour window to be on the water and decided to take it. Was surprised to find many active holdovers and some wild brookies while indicator nymphing. Here are some of the better ones.

On the drive home, I was reflecting on tomorrow’s Easter Sunday and the start of Passover last night. Honestly, I felt incredibly grateful that we as a nation afford religious freedom.

So, no insights here other than gratitude to our armed forces, past and present, for what they do for us and our way of life.


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9 thoughts on “Freedom

  1. Great write-up! I fished a cape cod pond yesterday for an hour or so, it was pretty epic all things considered!

      1. Cape Ponds give up some nice fish. A friend of mine has been having good action with stockers and a few nice holdover browns in the mix. Shoot and move, stay on the hunt.
        Great post and Happy Easter, Jo.

  2. Good job connecting on the holdovers, Jo. Amen to your thoughts with regard to our freedoms in this country.

    I hope the waters warm up pretty soon to bring the welcome hatches that will fatten those tough survivors up. They have to be might hungry at this point in time after a long, lean winter.

    Yesterday saw me on the lower Swift with many stoneflies flying around, some quite large at a #12 I would estimate. It startled me a bit that some were landing on the water flittering around, yet nothing was going after them. All I can guess is the cold water temps still have the trout in low metabolism mode. No thermometer with me, the temps I would say are still in the low 40’s.

    I walked a good distance looking for rises in the usual areas where those occur, but nothing doing. My sub surface flies produced no action in various zones, but I didn’t mind. Beautiful day to be out with thoughts of may fly hatches not far off.

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