Fishing the Margins

I’ve been doing some low-probability outings.

I’m hitting marginal trout water with the hopes of finding a big brown, visiting some of Connecticut’s Class 1 Wild Trout Management Areas, and checking some areas that may or may not have been stocked. I’ve also fished some local and very cold ponds.

I love landing fish. But, at times, it isn’t a priority for me. I’m hitting some “known” stretches, too, but rarely. There will be plenty of time to do so more.

Instead, I’m enjoying the drives to and from, the chance to be outside, and the hope that I can find spots that are under the radar screen.

I’m also planning ahead.

I’ll be heading up in June to Pittsburg, NH, to fish the “Trophy Stretch” with one of my children. It will be my 13th visit up. It truly is God’s Country up there.

I also will be paying more dues at the Deerfield to better learn that river.

It’s very satisfying to try and figure out where the fish are and what they’re eating. DIY fishing is very fulfilling. No short cuts.

As the water warms up, I’ll hit the “glamour spots” more often. But, for now, I’m fishing mostly the margins.

Have a wonderful Easter and Passover, everyone!


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6 thoughts on “Fishing the Margins

  1. Also looking forward to another trip up to Pittsburgh this year, though it will only be my second! Planning for sometime in May or June, and will be armed with much more knowledge, experience, and a nice nymphing rod for some tightlining action!

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