At the Bench: The Prince Nymph

I’m late to the Prince Nymph game. I’ve had luck with some other patterns, and so, have not gotten around to it.

Since I feel like fishing new flies, I’m moving on to The Prince.

I’ve been tying the traditional pattern. But, the one that really caught my eye is a bit more sedate, has a spiky squirrel collar, and is on a competition-style barbless jig hook.

I love those hooks: They’re very sharp, ride hook point up, and make for a more secure hook-hold as they usually embed in a fish’s upper jaw. I don’t recall the last time I dropped a fish with that hook type.

The pattern is from a Tim Flagler video, which is below. Here is the materials list, with links:


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5 thoughts on “At the Bench: The Prince Nymph

    1. Never had luck with the Picket Pin. Was one of the first flies I made and I had such high hopes.

      Perhaps, I’m fishing it wrong? I fished it as a dry. The squirrel wing seemed too big to nymph with it. Or, am I wrong?

      Hope you are well, Will!

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