Tough Day at the Andro

I fished the Androscoggin last Saturday. It was cold and windy and the hydroelectric company raised the flows the previous night. The conditions were hardly ideal. Still, I had to get out and fish up north before the end of the season.

It wasn’t a high volume day by any means. We all fished hard, fishing pheasant tails, caddis nymphs, midges, san juan worms, eggs, and even streamers. However, between three of us, Matt landed the only fish, a nice wild rainbow on an egg. It fought hard and I almost muffed the landing.

After landing Matt’s fish, the cold got to us and we went back to my car. Despite the unfavorable conditions and low success, it was fun to go north again. Honestly, I didn’t expect to catch anything (or see a caught fish) due to the low water temps. Still, any trip to the White Mountains is fun. The snow capped mountains were quite a sight!

Update: I did well yesterday. The post is right here.


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6 thoughts on “Tough Day at the Andro

  1. Props to you and your buddies for getting out, Ashu. Sounds like tough conditions which I can relate to.

    Last night I quit work an hour early with somewhat mild temperatures around here, and hit the lower Swift for a brief stint. It wasn’t that windy where I live, but holy cow when I got to the stream it was blowing like crazy. My set up with weighted nymphs and a split shot was no match at times versus the wind resulting in one hopeless tangle. Cut it all off and put it in my pocket to sort out later and fished with only one fly after that.

    I connected briefly with a partridge and orange soft hackle on the swing in very shallow water, but that was the extent of the action.

    Happy Thanksgiving!


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