Gear Review: Comfy Tungsten Snips

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!

I’m very grateful for so many things, including the friendships I’ve made via this blog. I’ve learned that are so many amazing anglers, who passionately care for our natural resources and are interested in helping each other.

I am particularly glad for the other blog writers. You’re all great guys, and it really is a privilege to get to know you.

Now, onto a fishing topic. I just saw something about my favorite snips. It is both good news and bad news. First, the good.

I last year bought a few of the Comfy Tungsten Carbide Snips. I love ’em. Good value at $14.

Clean cuts. And, they’re extremely rugged.

That’s a big deal, as the “standard” snips I bought soon developed jagged edges that made them tough to sharpen. I think they wore down, as I often use fluorocarbon, both for my Euro-nymphing rig and as the terminal tippet on my Harvey Slackline Dry-Fly Leaders.

These snips also are good-sized, making for easy handling during very cold winter days when my fingers lose dexterity.

Now, the bad news. The Orvis site has stopped selling them. They’re making room for their new $79 snips. But, this fly shop has four in stock as of the writing of this post (link here).

So, a PSA, in case you were looking for new snips.

Enjoy the time today with family and friends. Peace and blessings to you all and for our nation….


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3 thoughts on “Gear Review: Comfy Tungsten Snips

  1. Always great to find a piece of gear that doesn’t break the bank but provides a ton of value. Anyone else have thoughts on their best sub $50 gear purchase?

  2. Flip focals! I guarantee that when you become a “seasoned” angler you will find them indispensable when fishing sub 18 flies!

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