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I’m very grateful for your readership and level of engagement on this blog. We often think about what else we can offer to the fly fishing community.

Recently, we decided to expand our coverage. So, we’re adding to four writers. They cover a variety of water and fishing styles. They’re people you already know, as they have been featured in guest posts or interviews. In addition to being effective anglers, each is also very thoughtful and down-to-earth. They’re folks with whom you’d want to grab a beer.

Two are guides, and the other two could be, as they already often put friends onto fish. I’ve learned a lot from them, and I know you will, too.

Welcome to the team, Alex, Grant, Andrew and Zach!

He has real passion for angling and fly tying. Alex fishes the Swift, Millers and Cape Cod. Based in Boston.


Craftsman, photographer and an expert with dries and streamers. He guides at the Westfield and Deerfield. Lives in western Massachusetts.


A tightline nymphing expert from the great state of Connecticut. One of the most generous anglers I’ve ever met. A great dad.


Guide extraordinaire, he fishes or guides at the Farmington over 300 days a year. Devoted father to three boys.


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5 thoughts on “New Writers

  1. I couldn’t agree more. Andy and Zach beyond description. Enjoy seeing the kids on stream. Andy is the guru!

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