The Colors of Fall

I fished a small stream this past weekend with a friend. Everything about that day was picture perfect. Fall has already started up in the Mount Washington Valley so we were treated to some fantastic foliage and the classic cool, crisp air that characterizes New England’s best season. The fishing was some of the best I have seen all year. We each caught many fish from fingerling size to around 8 or so inches with one “trophy” 12 in. missed. The fish, like the leaves, have started changing colors as well, taking on fantastic hues of orange, red, and black as they prepare for their annual ritual.

A little camera shy?

One of the day’s many doubles captured with just a little glare.

Aside from the fishing, the scenery was absolutely breathtaking. Fishing such a high gradient stream (where we were essentially boulder hopping) afforded us views of the surrounding mountains and forests like none other. The photos don’t do any justice.

This is likely my last small stream trip up north this year. I may hit a couple in southern NH in the next two weeks but for now, my focus has shifted to larger rivers, which should receive their share of rainbows and browns in the next few weeks. As much as I enjoy small streams, I can’t wait to tangle with a big fish that will take line and really test my fish fighting skills. All I can say is, what a year it has been.



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4 thoughts on “The Colors of Fall

  1. Great post! Honestly, I’ve add chances during my career to move to the Bay Area or Seattle. IMO, you really cannot beat the scenery of a New England autumn.

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