Star Trek and Need for More Speed

Hi everyone, wanted to let you know that we’ve had to “grow up” and put in a privacy policy. It’s here.

The short answer is:

  • Blog traffic is growing rapidly. The servers are not keeping up, and page downloads have been agonizingly slow at times
  • I have bought more hosting capacity and added technical gizmos to better the reading experience for you. And, I’ve been paying for two domain names, too.
  • All that means a few hundred dollars a year of personal expenses. So, to try and re-coup a small portion of that, and historical expenses, am experimenting with affiliate links and ad networks.
  • Doing that means it was the right thing to put up a privacy policy–and, write this post. The policy matches what other websites put up.

So, wanted to give a courteous heads-up and hope you understand. If an ad looks interesting, please click it.



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4 thoughts on “Star Trek and Need for More Speed

  1. Good by me. I appreciate the time & effort you put into ths without looking for something in return! I value all the blogs out there related to fly fishing in NE but since you’re one the few I know are not trying to solicit business to a guiding service or a particular fly shop I value that.

    1. Dave, thanks! FYI, the blog ads yesterday made $0.13. A lot has to happen to break even on the ~$200 a year to keep the site up and optimized.

      But, I love to fish and it has been a blast to connect with so many great anglers. Grabbed coffee yesterday, in fact, with one blog reader, Alex B.

  2. We appreciate all the time and effort you put in, I can’t think that anyone should have a problem with what your doing as it’s all voluntary and only benefits us all. Please keep up the good work.

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