Good for the Soul

Schedules will prevent me from fishing the next few weeks. Anticipating that, I had a few short hours to fish Saturday morning.

It is a lot of driving to enjoy a little time on the water. Conditions weren’t ideal for “dries or die,” but catching was not the top priority. And, isn’t that the point of dries or die? Can I dupe a seasoned fish, even when conditions aren’t great?

It also was about other things.

I really enjoy the drive in the dark on quiet roads. I look forward to listening to podcasts. I am all for sudden glimpses of something riveting, such as an amazing horizon when I make a routine pit stop.

When I got to the water, I decided to fish the experimental Parachute Sulphur. After some time, a wizened and good-sized fish slowly rose and took the fly. I set the hook and the tippet snapped.

I pulled in the line. The break happened where I had added 6x tippet to a shortened leader. I’ve tied many knots. They usually hold, but this one did not.

I was just happy to get a take on a new fly.

So, this ended up being a pretty quiet outing, and I was off the water by 10 am. Still, being out is a privilege. Look at the video below. As a friend posted, fishing is good for the soul.

I agree.


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4 thoughts on “Good for the Soul

  1. Couldn’t agree more and love the post. Up at 4 and geared up for first light. 2 small browns came to net and a much larger was dropped.
    But like you said. A cool morning. Dark roads. Peace and quiet. Sometimes it’s just not about catching fish.

  2. Beautiful sunset picture. God’s world is amazing. Sorry about the break off, but to my way of thinking the goal was accomplished in outsmarting the wary trout and off it goes. The older I get, which is plenty, I am almost happy for the long distance release, most especially when I have a native brook trout on. Nothing like the peace and quiet that being on a beautiful river can bring.

    Best, Sam

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