At the Bench: Parachute Sulphur

I feel like I’m all thumbs when I make parachute-style flies. That’s because I usually don’t lose many dries, and so, I often don’t make them.

I find that going very slowly helps. I also rotate the fly in the vise. For example, before I lash the hackle onto the post, I flip the fly down 90° so that it is vertical.

This morning, I worked on a size 16 Parachute Sulphur. I tied on the hackle with the fibers pointing upwards, so that the fly will sit low in the surface film:

Here is the materials list:

  • Hook: Lightning Strike, DF1, size 16
  • Tails: microfibbets, dark dun
  • Body: turkey biot, PMD
  • Post/wing: poly yarn, white; hackle, brown
  • Thorax: Superfine dubbing, amber

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4 thoughts on “At the Bench: Parachute Sulphur

    1. Thanks! A bit big for this time of year, I fear, but, hopefully, a size 16 dry can get some takes.

  1. Beautiful fly! Below is a link to a Tim Flagler video. Can skip ahead to about the 6 minute mark to get to a unique way to post a parachute wing. Since watching his video I’ve been made a convert. Makes parachute flies much quicker to tie.

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