At the Bench: a CDC Sulphur Emerger

With Sulphurs hatching, I decided to tie up a new fly.

I started with the Klinkhammer-style hook in size 20. I really like how the shape of the hook makes the fly look like a sitting duck to fish. Half of the fly is sub-surface, suggesting a bug struggling to emerge from its shuck.

A dubbed body on a hook that small looked much too thick. So, I went with just thread for the second version. I love fishing with CDC, as I’ve found much higher take rates with it. So, I used some feathers for the wing. Used both dark dun and white, with the latter for visibility. I like color contrast, and so, created the thorax with some orange-ish dubbing.

I liked how the fly looked.

I took out the fly for a “dries or die” spin. I often create new patterns, and they’re usually duds. But, this time, this new fly worked very well. It duped quite a few fish.

After I came home, I decided that this was a fly worthy of permanent status in the fly box. So, I tied up some more.

Here is the materials list:

  • Hook: Orvis Klinkhammer, size 20
  • Shuck: brown Z-Lon
  • Body: UTC, yellow, 70 denier
  • Wings: CDC feathers, two in dark dun and one in white
  • Thorax: Superfine dubbing, amber

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2 thoughts on “At the Bench: a CDC Sulphur Emerger

    1. No. That’s why I was amazed that it duped quite a few fish. I landed over a dozen fish in a few hours, and 3/4 were on this fly.

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