A Big Taimen Eat

This is a very cool video taken by a drone!


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6 thoughts on “A Big Taimen Eat

  1. Great video! I would have liked to seen the whole fight as well. Interesting to me how far away the taimen spotted that fly as it drifted toward it.

  2. That exemplifies why streamer fishing for salmonds is just so awesome. I had a fish on the Beaverkill last June do almost exactly what that taimen does, just over a gravel drop like that, probably a 24 inch brown. I just kinda watched it in awe and did nothing. Savagery to the max.

    1. The big ones are predators, for sure. BTW, how are your plans coming along for possibly moving out west? I was very jealous when I read that on your blog and was just curious.

      1. It’s all still very tentative, I’d like to be working out there in the summer starting next year, really I was hoping to be out there now but these things take time.

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