Two New New Hampshire Blogs

I increasingly run into more and more younger anglers when I’m out. I think that is awesome. It bodes well for fly fishing and our political influence.

Recently, two residents of NH contacted me.

First, Max DesMarais is a recent college grad who just launched a new site called He recently posted an overview of New Hampshire’s fishing opportunities (here). It is a great read.

Second, Ashu Rao is a marine biology major at the University of New Hampshire. He recently started a blog (here) to document fishing around the Durham area as well as points north and south. He recently wrote about “blue lining” and his hunt for brookies (here).

Max and Ashu, good luck with your endeavors!


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5 thoughts on “Two New New Hampshire Blogs

  1. Hey Jo! Thank you so much for getting the word out about the blog. I can’t even put into words how much I appreciate this. Tight lines!

    1. Agreed, thank you so much, Jo! And Ashu, I just graduated from UNH, maybe see you on the water!

      1. Hey Max! I look forward to meeting you on the water some day. I took a look at your blog, good stuff! I’m staying at Davis this summer so I’ll be making trips up north during my days off from work

        1. I hope you guys do stay in touch or meet. A fun part for me of blogging has been the opportunity to connect with some thoughtful, passionate, and polite anglers.

          It also is a great way to learn about new flies and techniques, as fly fishing is a life-long journey about learning, IMO. You master one technique or body of water, and you can move on to the next.

          Over time, it becomes less about catching, actually….

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