May Rain and Flies to Use

I peeked ahead at the weather forecast. It looks like we’re getting more rain the next few weeks. Moreover, a weather forecast below confirms that it will be wet.

I’m good with that. After last summer’s drought, I’m seeing fewer holdovers at my favorite freestones.

So, if you’ll be fishing the next few weeks, I recommend bright flies, such as Squirmies, Mops, and eggs. I’d also throw mini-Woolly Buggers in black (I’ll blog about what I tie at a later date). They’ll push water, have movement, and black is a color that will stand out. As the fish scan upwards, they’ll see a dark shape against the brighter horizon of the water’s surface.

I also will be using good-sized tungsten beads tied into my flies to get down deep. I’ll be fishing the slow water seams from the banks to start off. Then, I’ll wade in and target slower tailouts and quiet seams in the middle of the rivers.

Hope it works!


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