For the holiday weekend, I had a family obligation in Middlebury, VT. Of course, I had to fish a bit.

I painstakingly looked at Google Maps, and Dave at the Middlebury Mountaineer was kind enough to give some pointers. Their web site also has some great write-ups on some of the local waters.

So, loaded with flies, I hit some waters. I was pumped when the water temp. was about 50 °F. So many fishy runs and quiet seams. Everything looked gorgeous. Literally, miles and miles of some of the prettiest waters I’ve ever seen. Water was everywhere. So many rivers and tributaries. Here is a typical view, which is of the New Haven River:

The state has not yet stocked, but I targeted waters known for housing holdovers, as well as wild browns and rainbows.

And, nothing.

I mean zilch. No bumps even. I targeted deep trenches, quiet seams and gentle tailouts. I tried different flies, presentations and techniques. I moved to different spots and different bodies of water over and over. I lost over a dozen nymphs on deep structure. 

Still, it is absolutely gorgeous country up there. Water was very high, with some rivers at the flood-stage. So, I will use that as my face-saving excuse.

I’ll be back, though.


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6 thoughts on “Vermont

  1. Welcome to VT. Nothing like MA, CT or NH. Aside from a few chosen “trophy waters” in which they stock limited sections with fish in the 16-20″ range, the rivers that actually receive stockings are predominately, 10″ rainbows and some browns and brookies mostly to appease the locals. If you are the type that is committed to hunt for wild fish or some very lucky holdovers, expect many no fish days. Pretty common. However if/when you find that fish it may well be in the 18″ to mid 20″ class. Landing them can be a whole other story.

    1. It actually sounds a lot like NH. Besides the northern part (Pemi, Saco, Androscoggin, and Connecticut), the state mostly manages for put and take with very few special regulations and virtually no year round c&r areas. The wild fish that live in stocked streams are under advertised and not regulated at all. If the stocking truck comes, that is when you will catch fish although holdovers do exist into the summer and fall. Whole different story up north though…..

      1. I love Pittsburg, NH. Amazing scenery and fish. Can get pressure, but people are good about giving each other elbow room. The Trophy Section of the Connecticut is fly fishing only, and I’ve yet to see anyone in that stretch keep a fish.

    1. Yes. Didn’t work! Based on your suggestion on a prior post, I also threw bright flies and ones that pushed water.

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