Indian Hollow 2017

The good folks at the Trout Unlimited MA-RI Council are sponsoring yet again a weekend for fishing and friendship.

You may have heard of Indian Hollow. I hear it is an amazing weekend. I hear the turnout is great, and you can learn a lot about fly fishing the Westfield River’s Gorge area. Blog co-writer Adam Kautza will be the guest speaker!

Info below:


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4 thoughts on “Indian Hollow 2017

  1. The river will be full of fish too! Best time to explore the river IMO, but beware the black flies so bring your insect repellant.

  2. A good glass of bourbon makes one forget the black flies quick enough! Come join us at Indian Hollow!, let’s talk abbot cold water conservation!

    -Paul, Council VP

  3. It’ll be my first time there, sounds like a great event. Looking forward to attending and discussing our coldwater fisheries with everyone!

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